My 70’s story

Lois, Age 75

As of now I’m almost 75 (how did that happen). I am caucasian and live in Massachusetts where I’ve lived all my life. I worked as a secretary until age 65 when my husband who had diabetes had kidney failure and needed to go on dialysis. I chose to retire at that time and spend my time taking care of him and his mother who had recently moved in with us ( not an easy person to get along with )…

He eventually had both legs amputated above the knee and stayed at home in a hospital bed in the living room. I was busy taking care of him (and her) until his diabetes took him 5 years ago at age 70. His mother died 2 months later at age 87 and my 20 year old cat died a few months after that. So now I was completely alone in my two story colonial home. At first I enjoyed the quiet and the thought I didn’t have to do anything and could enjoy my needlework hobby and spending time with my friends.

My daughter lives in an adjoining town and invited me to move into their bonus room above their two car garage. She hired a designer and builder and made it a perfect “home” for me. I am now very happy living in my one room space. It has a separate bedroom (closed off with curtains and a built in bookcase) and sitting area, a small kitchen, small eating area and even a baby grand piano which I hope to practice soon as soon as I have it tuned. I’m currently in the process of cleaning out the old house and will put it on the market soon. My husband and I were married 50 wonderful years and I do miss him every day, but am also enjoying my life as it is now.

Thanks for letting me share

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  1. Diana says:

    Lois, you sound like a responsible woman who copes well. I like thinking of you snug in your new home, remembering those you love, yet finding enjoyment in life.

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