Balance in all things!

Gail, Age 78

At age 78, just read your book, 70Candles! and applaud your insights and clarity regarding women in their 70’s living a vital life. You gave us a gift. However, those from age 50 on up should make it a must read to understand the quick-to-come years ahead. What a road map!

My story is—married for 54 years—helped husband build a very successful business, charity, raising 2 boys, lung cancer in 2000 & 2003 (never smoked), and then 7 years helping my husband with ALZHEIMER’S. His story and a web site were done to help Caregivers and I advocate for the CURE ALZHEIMER’S FUND.

God and animals got me through the years watching my beloved husband fade.

The ‘where to live’ section of your book was of interest, as I downsize from the home we built in New Hampshire to a smaller one in Rhode Island to be near my brother and sister.

Our Mom lived until 100.7 with all her faculties and a quality of life. She would say, “Balance in all things,” and be active.

Hopefully, you will continue on the myriad topics not yet covered.

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  1. Blog Mavens says:

    I have been thinking of the women in my life in their 70’s and 80’s and they are so filled with spirit and piss and vinegar, as old timers would say! It is all about attitude. They just keep on keeping on and have the energy of a busy 20 year old. Just a thought for a good chapter, ATTITUDE.

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