Late bloomers last longer!

Joyce, Turning 70 on May 8

Hello to all the ladies out there who are approaching the decade of their 70’s. I am turning 70 on May 8, 2014…and wondering how that could be possible! :O) I can tell you it looks NOTHING like what I had planned when I was 20, that’s for certain. Coming of age during the era when women’s choices were very limited, I married very early and dedicated my life goal to making my husband successful…. and like many the illusion of that 50’s “Leave it to Beaver” lifestyle soon disintegrated leaving me totally unprepared for life as a single woman… a ‘displaced housewife” as we used to be called.

Over the years I have managed to survive on my own, and at 50 something went to college and attained a BA in Psychology and Communication, and went on to complete a MS in Behavioral Communication with a minor in Clinical Psychology. It was not a panacea for success and over the years I have struggled financially to maintain a decent life style going through several different occupations.

I have been teaching at a 2-year college for several years now and have found it to be the best thing in the world! However, as a result of the late start in life, retirement is not an option for me… all those years with not much income has not made Social Security much of an income supplement, even though I have postponed taking it until I turn 70.

I was faced with the dilemma of trying to figure out what the rest of my life would look like as I left my 60’s and entered my 70’s…. So, when I realized retirement was not a option… I decided I needed to look forward and that age was only a number! I enrolled in a Ph.D. program for International Psychology and will be completing that mid-2015 – with plans to establish an International Psychology Consulting Consortium.

Life is actually just beginning for me! I am a late-bloomer, but late-bloomers last longer! I have to chuckle at it all sometimes… I will probably be the only woman in her 70’s that uses her Social Security check to make payments on her student loans! Ironically, and actually a rather sad commentary on the cost of education and the state of many women in this country who are entering their later years with not much in the way of financial security…. I am not rowing this boat alone! I have flown without a “net” the vast majority of my life…. wish me luck! Joyce in Kansas

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  1. dot says:

    Hi Joyce in Kansas,
    I applaud your determination, tenacity and courage. I will be turning 71 in March of 2014 and can’t believe it. I have been divorced for approximately 27 years and had to carve out a small retirement for myself working for the NYS Legislature. I was very fortunate to have had that and after being a wife for 25 years and raising 2 children, I realized that my educational level would hold me back from a certain level of income. I was able to work there for 16.5 years, until the member of the Assembly I worked for lost his election. I was then going to Massage Therapy school which precluded me from obtaining another legislative position due to my one year left in school. I managed to get a job there which took me to the age of 62 and then I was forced into retirement. I was caring for my elderly Mother who lived at home and I had to make the decision to move in to care for her. I could go on, but I won’t bore you with the details of the rest of my story here. It sounds like you have a plan and I do wish you luck and know that you will succeed in whatever you choose to be the right thing for you. I also have financial challenges and seem to have worked them out to my benefit while renting space in my home to add to my income. Keep moving and keep dreaming and continue to persevere! Dot

  2. Riverwatch says:

    I wish you luck, Joyce in Kansas! I love your comment that you have flown without a net most of your life.
    You gave me courage. I just turned 70 yesterday and I was dumbfounded by my age! However, that feeling passed and now today I am ready to forge on.
    Best of luck to all of us!

  3. Annie says:

    Good Morning Joyce.

    I read your post with great delight…I will be turning 70 in 2015…on May 8!!
    I am so happy to find this website.

    Happy Sunday
    Annie Wilson

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