If not now…when?

Beverly,  Age 71

I turned 70 last January and more so than any other turning point, it bothered me!  I spent the year just floundering, wondering when my depression would lift and why I couldn’t move forward.  I’m in good health, reasonably secure financially and although I never married I have family nearby.

When I turned 71 a couple of weeks ago, my main reaction was, “thank God I’m not 70 anymore!”  Posting to this blog is my first step in trying to build a life now that my all-consuming career is over.  When I retired I realized that beyond work I had almost no other compartments in my life….that’s got to change and
“if not now, when?”

So I’m glad I found the “70” book and this website and plan to start taking other small steps in the next few months.  I need a purpose, I need friends and community, and I need to get in shape.

Thank you!

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2 Responses to If not now…when?

  1. Blog Mavens says:

    Welcome to our blog…and Happy Birthday!

    It sounds like you have been inspired to really begin this new chapter of your life. We wish you well as you explore the world of options that have opened up for you now that you are retired. Connecting with friends and community, and getting in shape are, indeed, a good beginning.

    It looks like many women who have posted here have similar feelings. Let’s keep the conversation going. There’s nothing like mutual support!

    We hope you’ll share your progress with us.

  2. Mary says:

    Hi Beverly. I turned 70 in November. I have a business and will probably have to work forever which in some ways is a good thing I guess. . I have been married a couple of times but divorced for years. I have two kids and four grandchildren and feel really fortunate for that. The hardest thing had been depression. I have NEVER had a problem with that. Just the last few years. I’ve always been thin and pretty. I think the fact that I’m not anymore is a big part of my problem and it makes me feel shallow and I’m having a hard time coming to terms with it all. So… We struggle on. Getting in shape is a good goal. I’m really not these days but do take a good class a couple of times a week and it does wonders for my attitude. Mary

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