How might Susann spend her time?

Anonymous,  Age 70
Susann is a bright and physically strong 70 yr old woman.  She is opinionated but compassionate – she works well with the elderly and loves caring for her grandchildren – reading, instructing, and helping them stay fit.  She spent her adult life helicoptering her children and obtaining a PHD on the side.  She has taught in high school and college sporadically.  Although she lived on the East Coast with her husband she traveled to the West Coast to spend the summers with her family so she has a strong support system from her siblings now that she is a widow for 5 years.  She currently lives in a duplex with her married sibling, near most of her children.  Her interests are spending time with family, swimming, skating, and reading.  As a healthy woman with no immediate obligations, how would you suggest she structure her time wisely?

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