Turning 70 YAHOOO!

Barbara (Barbwire), Age almost 70

I found your site because I turn 70 Feb 10th and so much has happened in my life up to now I wanted to share my feelings of turning 70.

In 1971 I married the love of my life a Oregon Logger named John we had raised 2 wonderful daughters together.

Life was rough in the logging business so I started buying and selling horses for extra income. Then I decided I liked to drive horses to Carriages so added that to the list of things to sell. I would find old Carriages in barns and restore them to double my money.

The company grew from a one car garage to a very large company when we added Carts and Kiosks for malls, amusement parks and casinos.

My husband found out he had cancer and our life changed forever.

The company was sold and my husband died the next month leaving me alone, and without John I wanted to die also. I was so depressed I would sit and eat ice cream and fast food until my body ballooned up to 200 LBS. I had quit riding my horses and doing anything that required anything physical…I wanted to die .

Then my daughter said Mom you look awful you never put on makeup or brush your hair and you are not healthy. I looked in the mirror and saw a fat old woman who was not happy. I decided to fight back and take my life back.

Something clicked inside me…I lost 45 lbs in 4 months when I stopped eating sugar and fast food. I changed my hair style and threw all the fat clothes away. I bought all new clothes in the Jr dept and started dressing and looking younger.

I met a great man who is retired from Law enforcement and 7 years younger then me. He is divorced with 2 grown sons. We had fun dates riding ATVS and going to the movies together. It was hard at first to let him even hold my hand, but one night he grabbed me and kissed me and I thought that’s not bad at all.

Now my life has changed forever. We are both Christians, love the outdoors and both of us walk, and ride horses, and we plan some big trips this summer together in the motorhome. My family loves him, we have all blended very well together as a family.

Our minds are both very young…we laugh and giggle like two 16 year old’s holding hands and feeling the spark when we kiss. The Passion we have for each other is off the charts. The trick to a great romance is to not let the fire go out. Put on that red satin night gown with nylons and high heels; I can tell you movie night will become much more interesting and he won’t be watching TV…

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