Happy New Year- Welcome to 2020!

 A new year and a new decade ahead!

We, Jane and Ellen send all our best wishes to you, our 70Candles community.

We value your thoughts and all your wonderful contributions to this 70Candles.com blog.

Along with you, we benefit from the inspiration and wisdom on these pages.

We wish you health and pleasure in small wonders, and large. We hope for more peace and harmony in the world and here in the U.S.

Treasure each other, find beauty in each day, and remember, you’ve never been this age before. No telling what’s ahead. Make each day count.

On to 2020! What is your vision for the time head?


Jane and Ellen

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  1. mary hirsch says:

    Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful, healthy, positive and active New Year with an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE and EXERCISE (in whatever form, to the degree of your personal comfort!) Every day is a gift; a blessing and Jane and Ellen are at the top of our list, for sure. Stay POSITIVE! It makes all the difference. My best to all and may this year bring out YOUR inner wonders and reflect the GEM you truly are; then go out and spread your JOY. The world needs it!!

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