Arianna Huffington turns 70!

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3 Responses to Arianna Huffington turns 70!

  1. mary hirsch says:

    This is the kind of philosophy that has always driven my life. Like Arianna, I was born old, seeking – and preferring the company of older people like my grandparents and their friends for their wisdom. I loved learning from them!

    When I “discovered” Proverbs, I couldn’t (and still can’t) get enough of the good, practical advice for living a meaningful life. So much beauty; so much wisdom! All it takes is a bit of discipline and lots and lots of humility to realize how much there is to learn – beginning with a grateful heart.

    Thank you, Arianna for such a positive, positive, positive message. Not once did she complain – about ANYTHING! Sooooo refreshing!

    We need more stuff like this!

  2. Sue Austin says:

    thank you! Terrific!

  3. Evelyn Eskin says:

    Beautifully expressed and so thoughtful. All these points are doubly relevant in the age of COVID. SLOW DOWN, Smell the roses, and let go of perfection! Just enjoy the moment – and do what you can for a fair and free election in NOVEMBER!!

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