Ageless Authors

For all you writers out there, I recommend you take a look at the Ageless Authors  website. It’s a contest for writers 65 and older.

Full disclosure…I am a contest judge again this year, but be assured, I’m not able see the names of submitting authors.

This year’s deadline is December 15, 2017, and  all entries will be through the Submittable portal. Winners get cash awards and will be included in a published anthology. See the contest rules at

This might be your chance to get your writing ‘out there.’

Good Luck!



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3 Responses to Ageless Authors

  1. Laura Vinton says:

    I have tried to access this site but to no avail. “Safari cannot find server”.

  2. Mary Lou says:

    Hi Laura,
    I was able to get to the site with this URL address. Give it a try!

  3. hello,
    I am a 77 author who has recently published a book, “Riding the Second Wave: How Feminism Changed Women’s Psychology and Mine.” It is about my nearly 50 years as a feminist and a psychotherapist: how feminism blew my life in a new direction and influenced every thing from orgasms to motherhood and much more. It is also about the influence of feminism on the ways in which psychotherapy was conducted with women and on our views of women’s psychology. I’ m sure most women my age lived through and were affected by these profound social changes that surely influenced their lives and choices.
    Do you review books? If so, it is available on Amazon, but I would be happy to send you the book as an attachment.
    So Glad this blog is here.
    Jessica Heriot, Ph.D

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