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I participated in an Ageless Authors book signing event at the Dallas Half-Price Books flagship store, today. All the authors, of prose and poetry were over 65 and had begun their writing late in life. They were an encouraging group, believing that everyone has stories to tell, and should give writing a try…even if just sharing historical family tales that can be handed down to future generations.

For those interested, the contest…for anyone 65 or older…is receiving submissions until August 15, 2016 for essays, short stories, poetry and line drawings. Winners will be published in this year’s anthology.



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  1. Blog Mavens says:


    Natalie H. Rogers, Age 65+

    It is so embarrassing
    to be old
    and yearning
    for some physical love

    My lord
    it’s almost creepy

    Almost creepy?
    is it really?
    is it so unnatural to be Old?
    like over 60
    over 70
    even 80
    and to yearn and dream
    and yearn and dream
    and hope to swoon in someone’s arms
    a high sensual dizzying kiss

    I have a friend who is my age
    she says that she makes love three times a week

    Well she is married
    that is different

    what is different
    you know what I mean!

    You are asking me to be just like my neutered cat
    who sits there in the window
    looking at the passing pigeons
    stretching up occasionally on hind legs
    against the glass
    vainly reaching for a bird
    then sinking into resignation
    dreaming of that one impossible catch

    Well yes
    I chastise myself
    why can’t you have the grace of that poor cat
    and be content

    Who me, content?

    Yes you, with your good health and lack of serious decay
    excuse me but I work on it
    Oh I work very hard

    Well fine
    if how you look is so essential
    just leave the romance to the children

    It is so perverse to hear you sigh
    in that deep unrequited way you have
    of never speaking
    only breathing out
    your private passions
    never sharing with a soul
    about the young and younger men
    you fantasize about

    Younger, younger than your dentist
    or the mailman
    or the famous pianist who approached you at that Mozart evening

    Younger men than your contemporaries
    age appropriate
    they do not fit my fantasy
    my fantasy
    my fantasy

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