A proud accomplishment

Sally,  Nearly 70

I feel like tooting my own horn and I’m gad to find this site to do it.

On May 3 of this year I received my BA degree in Liberal Arts. My plan was to get that done before I turn 70 and turning 70 happens on Thursday, June 16th. I look in the mirror and sometimes wonder who is that woman, but on the inside I am still who I was at 25. (Well, there is some difference) I have issues with clothes so I figure I can wear whatever I want. I can be who ever I want to be!!!!!! Lets do the happy dance!!!!

I want to share my work so please visit me at Mnartists.org/sally-warlick

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4 Responses to A proud accomplishment

  1. Mary Lou says:

    Sally, that’s wonderful! Congratulations! No one can take that achievement away from you. I received my BA at 56!

    • Sally says:

      Hello Mary Lou,

      Its the best feeling isn’t it? I have never really been serious about learning. I was surprised how easy everything was, I mean it was hard but I was into it. I think because at this age, this stage in life, there is nothing to hide, nothing to really hinder my feelings. Take it or leave it!!!!! hahahah

      I say to you “Congrats” on your success! What will you do next?

      • Mary Lou says:

        I just found your reply, Sally! Sorry for the late response. It is a great feeling. I think we appreciate learning more as we get older. I just started water color painting and blogging/writing in the past two years. It’s never too late to begin doing something we’ve always wanted to try. 🙂

  2. Judy says:

    Yay! Good on you!

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