A journalist’s request

Judy, Age 63

I’m a journalist who writes a nationally-distributed column about aging and health. A topic I’d like to cover going forward, either for a column or a story: people in their 70s taking care of parents in their 90s and up. If you’re in this situation and you’d like to talk, please email me at judithegraham@gmail.com. We’re living in a new age and longevity is transforming our relationships and responsibilities. Ideally, I’d like to profile up to 4 caregivers in their 70s and speaking to the person they’re caring for as well. (I recognize that may or may not be possible, especially if dementia is a factor.)

My background: I was the senior health reporter at the Chicago Tribune for many years. I wrote extensively for the New York Times’ New Old Age blog, until the blog was discontinued. Now, I write the Navigating Aging column for Kaiser Health News, distributed through the Washington Post and other media outlets across the country.

Thank you for your consideration. Judith (Judy) Graham judithegraham@gmail.com is the best way to reach me.

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