What aging is teaching me

Lois, Age 73

Back in 2008 I decided to start a website offering my art knowledge to all for no cost. It is http://www.free-online-art-classes.com and ranks well in the internet.

As a light specialist I signed on with Home Depot and have been working part time for nine years.

Age 70 was a paradigm shift for me. Suddenly, it seemed, everything was going gravitational, my breasts to my stomach, my stomach to my groin and my limbs sagging with muscles that seem to have deflated.

I found that moving wasn’t the same, even though I walk my dog every day for at least twenty minutes. I signed on with Planet Fitness for exercises for my knees, arms and legs. But another year or two, I had to reduce my hours at Home Depot because I just couldn’t hold up for six hours on my feet any more.

I still kept active, I thought, but four weeks ago, as I was disco dancing while cooking a nice stir fry in my kitchen, my ankle went pop and went down like the Titanic. I am in my fourth week with cast and wheel chair and have made a resolution to honor the exercises my therapists have assigned to me as well as recruiting dear friends to shop, water garden, take out trash, etc. I am on medical leave now.

LIke so many, as a previously independent person, I have had to change my life to adapt. And, I think, there will be more changes to come. Aging is teaching me to accept who I am becoming and what I want to be…strong, independent, creative and willing to share with others, young and old, my knowledge, humor and past experiences.

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  1. Mary Lou says:

    Lois, you sound like a tough, resilient wonderful human being! Your humor in dealing with these inevitable setbacks is refreshing. I can relate to the balance we’re navigating in our 70’s. Your last paragraph says it all! Thank you! 🙂

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