The next decade

Anne, Age 77

I read about your website and book in the New York Times. I see from your initial posting that you two were born about the same time I was (October 29, 1940). I am a very lucky, healthy, active 77-year-old woman . . . happily married to a much younger man, still going to the gym, still volunteering. I didn’t have much angst about 70 or even 75 . . . but I am looking askance at 80. I don’t have any health issues, so I will most likely get there.

How are the women who started out with you . . . the ones who were facing 70 in 2010 . . . faring now? Do we need an 80Candles group?

Anne Cornell

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  1. Blog Mavens says:

    Anne hi,

    You ask an important question.
    This is the perfect time…and place…to ask the women who have traveled this path with us for the last seven years, how they are doing as they near 80.

    What has changed in your life?
    What are your current joys and challenges?

    Let’s all learn about this together as women respond.

    Since this blog has always been open to women near and in their 70s, we can still keep sharing here, even as we enter our 80s.

    We look forward to an interesting conversation about the coming decade.
    Jane and Ellen

  2. Ellie Morstad says:

    76 here and an 80candle may be needed. I plan to be around for a few more years and enjoy other people’s thoughts and perspectives.

  3. Mary Lou says:

    I’ve been blessed with a role model who lived until 91 and had a very positive attitude so I might just make it through my 80’s! I’d love it if we extended this support network to the ‘alumni’ who move into their 80’s. 🙂

  4. Frances C Robinson says:

    Anne, may I ask what your ‘angst’ is regarding turning 80?

    Full disclosure: I am 69 (last December). I have metabolic syndrome: I am overweight (not by much); I have mild high BP which is controlled by a small daily amount of medication; and I am pre-diabetic (AIC 6.0-6.5). I was a Hospice volunteer for 17 years. [And I have absolutely no desire to live to be 80. :-)]

  5. Linda says:


  6. Ellen says:

    Anne, I’m now 77 and starting to think about 80 candles. I gave a talk recently to 80 women at a lovely luncheon. Most were in their 80’s and 90’s. I asked them what their biggest challenges were, and their greatest joys. The challenges were more health-related at these later ages, and “continued meaning and purpose” in a variety of ways was most sought out and valued. I believe that at whatever age we are it is a wonderful gift to gather with age-mates to laugh (even at ourselves) and commiserate and share.

  7. Joan says:

    Joan: Age 82
    Similar to your post, I was very active in my 70’s with no health problems. Never needed to take pills, etc. However, statistics show that health costs are the bugger beginning in your 80’s. And guess what? I am still healthy EXCEPT for a little tingle in my upper (important) tooth. I get my teeth laser-cleaned every four months. The particular tooth has a root canal.

    End of story: While a tooth may have a root canal, it can still get cavities, and this cavity is within the gum. A complete tooth replacement (with post and artificial tooth) can cost up to $6,000. That is, if they do not need to move your sinuses. So readers, take care of your teeth. Even if you do, things like this crop up.

    Beyond that, I am lazy about exercising. That is another thing you need to work on at this age group. jg

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