The desire for freedom

Gypsy, Age 69

Well, here I am at 69! That dreaded number. I was a little girl who always wanted to be a cowgirl and live on a cattle ranch. I thought I would die young and wreckless. I was a hippie, a biker chick, a mother, a wife, another wife, and another wife. All of whom I love dearly in different ways. I have lost a beloved son which killed me, and emptied my soul and I wanted to die. Now I deal with a willful 40 year old daughter who seems to desperately needs me. I have four granddaughters all under the age of 10. I have always been an artist. Published and professional. I worked most of my life as a paralegal (a Martha Stewart type) and raised my children alone. I have had a massive heart attack. I lived which ended my career. I have a best friend of 45 years who has seen me at my worst and my best. I am torn between my daughter’s needs and my best friend who makes me laugh. I have accepted death and stared it in the face and said, “Not me!”. And sill, I live on with the desire for freedom.

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2 Responses to The desire for freedom

  1. Dianne Benedict says:

    I can relate to being a wife, another wife, and another wife, but for me it goes on two more times. All I ever wanted was to be in a stable and loving relationship and to have a child. I had the relationship but I was young and didn’t think I was ready to settle down. I had the child too, a daughter and she is the absolute light of my life. She has given me three delightful grandchildren and one great grand child. Family is really what it’s all about. The relationships come and go, and go, and go. LOL But our children are the best gift we ever give ourselves.
    I will be 71 in October this year, 2016, and I’m here to tell you that 70 wasn’t half bad. and a heck of a lot better than 69 when I broke both of my legs in a fall at work. Can’t wait to see what 71 has in store for me since I am retiring and moving back to my hometown.
    Hang in there, you sound like a strong one.

  2. Patricia says:

    You are strong and will live for another 70 years

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