Struggling at 74

Jean, Age 74

Turning 70 was a decade I always dreaded. Not for myself, but the concern of losing people I cared about. My health has been excellent and I am still working as a real estate agent with my own company that I started 4 years ago. This year everything changed. All the grandchildren are off to college and my twin sister died a very quick death from cancer . I took care of her for 4 months. All of a sudden I am aware of age related issues that never entered my mind before. So many deaths and health problems have happened and my own mortality is being questioned. My fears of turning 70 have been realized.

It is a struggle to be in my seventies and I fight it every day. My hobbies and interest such as exercise, gardening, reading and family still continue but changes have occurred. My feeling is that people look at you differently. You don’t feel old but I think family and friends think of you as a much older person. The discussion now is what is going to be the end result for us? Discussions center around retirement communities and Medicare. It seems like such a drastic change from 5 years ago. Are any of you experiencing this?

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2 Responses to Struggling at 74

  1. Mary says:

    Wow!! after reading your blog I felt as though I was reading my life. I too lost a twin sister to cancer and I took care of her for several months.
    I would love to correspond with you, if you so desire, as I think we have a very lot in common.

    Best regards,

  2. Linda Morin says:

    I can understand your feelings as they are my own…My mother passed away last year and I turned 71 in January. I feel a switch got flipped when I turned 71. I felt my son, his friends, my younger siblings all see me now as well, Old. I did not feel old but when everyone around you begins to treat me that way I think i fell in line. I am fighting that now. I do have some health issues but don’t we all. I love to travel, even by myself. Time for me to go back to Europe and see the northern countries. Germany, Holland, and Belgium are on my list to see. Just enjoy my life…it is the only one I have. Linda

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