Staring 70 straight in the face

Patty,  Age 69
Here I am staring 70 straight in the face and fearing that I will have to tell someone someday soon that I am OMG 70!!! To me that is the definitive age of being “old” although most think 69 is just as bad…but not me! My Mother is 92 and is always telling me I am still so young! HA! Only in comparison to 92 but in the eyes of society and my kids and Dr, I too am old! However I am very very lucky tho to be in good health, young acting and feeling good for my years. There isn’t anything I can’t do if I want to do it….well mostly.
Now having been single for the last 10 years, divorced after 35 years, I find I love it and the freedom it gives me. I am lucky, so far , but have to watch the $$$$. I have no desire to be a purse or a nurse to any old fart and have to live his way, and, it drives me insane when people think I should be looking for someone or need a man! Uh, no thank you!
Turning 70 will be hard, I don’t look it, feel it or want it!!! But, so much for that!!! Nowadays a lot of women are doing great things in their older years and I wish I and more $$$ to do more traveling. That is what I would do. Guess I will have to see what happens!
Thanks for the opportunity to express these thoughts.

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