What Does it Mean to be 70?

Emily Mikulewicz, Age 70

I haven’t figured out yet what it means to be seventy. It’s just a number so far, but so loaded that I feel I ought to have some deep thoughts about it. I don’t. I still feel like my usual self, and, although my hair has been grey for a long time, I am still surprised at times to see my reflection.

As for being the oldest in a room, it really never occurs to me. I find it just as easy to relate to every age as to any special one. In my own mind, I don’t stand out as an old person, just one of the gang. It is astonishing to be offered a seat on the subway. I often feel like offering MY seat.This sometimes leads me to wonder if I should be “acting my age” whatever that might mean. I find the concept of aging confusing. I am glad to be around to experience it. It is with great difficulty that I connect the number 70 with the friends of my youth who, as Shakespeare said, are forever young.

I am a retired nurse, and for the last five years have been working as a model for art schools, a whole different world, and I love it.

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