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Wendy Tavendale,  Age 68


I have just had my first anniversary of retirement. The first year has disappeared very fast. I loved my job as Finance Manager of a social service agency, and I thought I would be there for ever. However, I was finding I was becoming tired. I was getting up at 5 am to have an hour’s walk before work, but by the end of the day was falling asleep in the chair. There were changes at work with staff, and I just wasn’t getting the job satisfaction that I had previously. Time to make that decision!
Adjusting to being home all day took a few months. My husband had been retired for six years, and had done most of the cooking and cleaning, so we both had to readjust. I kept wondering if all was going well at work without me. (A rather conceited view as no one is indispensable)
I decided not to rush into new activities as I already had hobbies. I am spending more time with my passion of quilting, have taken over writing the newsletter for the governing body of Patchworking and Quilting in our area, joined the committee, and also started a facebook page for the group. I am on the committee of our local branch of Scottish Country Dancing, we meet every Monday night. I enjoy this because it is great exercise as well as keeping the brain stimulated remembering the dances.
Every Monday morning I attend gentle yoga classes and try to continue the practice at home. This requires discipline, because after an hours walk I usually feel I have done enough for the day.
Two weeks ago I felt I needed to start my volunteering, what I wondered, help with the elderly? I am not great at that (to close to home) work in an op shop? (No, cant stand the smell). I know the local SPCA! (Which by the way has its own smell, but doesn’t seem to worry me), I had been walking a little pomeranium with my dog because her elderly owner is unable to walk her anymore. The dog has been rehomed because her owner has become to frail to look after her. I have missed the little dog quite a bit (although still visiting her owner) hence the SPCA. They were so behind with their data entry so I have been helping with that and really enjoying it. I love computers!
So after a year, my days are as full as I want them to be, love spending time with the grandchildren, having cups of coffee with friends, enjoy a wine before dinner with my husband, and after all that, I still find plenty of time for my passion, Quilting!
I think it is important to seek these activities out, they won’t come to us.
Napier New Zealand


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