sad 70

Anonymous,  Age 70

don’t. know why I’m. here
sad money depressed
not enough money to live on. nice looking for age so common.  I look damned good body and all. redhead and still hot.

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2 Responses to sad 70

  1. JayBee says:

    Hi Sad 70,

    Sorry you are feeling down – not having enough $$ really sucks. Where about are you? Are you in relatively good health and able to get around?
    If you are in an urban centre, are there any opportunities to volunteer locally? There are so many places in need – often theatres, libraries, music venues – so that you may be able to find something that aligns with your own interests.
    There are always food banks, food kitchens, churches – lots of places that would welcome some help and it gets you in touch with people.
    I may be way out in left field but it sounds to me that maybe you don’t have enough social interaction?
    Do you like to read? Could you find a book club? Local libraries often have a lot of free things going on and it will give you the opportunity to get out and get a bit involved.
    I wish you all the very best and hope something in my post may resonate with you.

  2. Margaret Nyland says:

    Many of us are experiencing the same…but it is how we deal with it that makes us who we are. You have great things to celebrate…red hair, good body. Concentrate on that…many of us are lumpy… and bumpy. Thrift shops have some excellent finds…and a small but classy wardrobe gives self confidence. Do the best with what you have…all the best…

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