Navigating the years ahead

Anonymous,  Age 69

Dear 70 Candles
How inspiring to find a location to “hobnob” with my fellow wizards. I recently turned 69.

I am looking at a number of large changes in my life and navigating the years ahead in a positive way becomes more and more important. I will be leaving a life I love (full-filling job, lovely home, wonderful community) for a new adventure with my husband. We need to downsize and we have the opportunity to live a very rural life that is simpler, more self sustaining and near the family business. There are notable “down sides” (I think) so I am already putting in place various social and inspirational anchor centers where I can feed my own interests. I am particularly interested then, in stories of lifestyle changes in one’s 70’s.

Although I have many step children and step grandchildren (a term so cumbersome I rarely use it). I would like address here the fact that I had my own daughter at the age of 45. She is wonderful. Nevertheless, having a child that late brings up issues and concerns. Of course it is a major motivator to stay as healthy as possible to be able to share as much of her life as possible.

I think I will leave it at that for now. I look forward to perusing the website for other stories, and will no doubt contribute more as my changes kick in full time.


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