Moving on-seeking advice

Mary,  Age 73

Here I set at age 73 in an isolated location because my Husband has decided that the safety of his dogs is more valuable than my happiness. I am a people person and need to have people to interact with. I will be leaving soon by myself (My poodle dog will go with me). I plan on being closer to my Boy’s in Florida and trying to pick up the pieces of my life, or what is left.
If anybody has had like experience or advice. I would really appreciate it.

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3 Responses to Moving on-seeking advice

  1. Roz Melaniphy says:

    Mary, Get out as soon as you can! Been there, done that! He is overdue for a stroke ( heart attack, broken hip, cancer, etc. ) and will expect you to push his wheelchair, change his stinking diapers, mop up his drool and be his servant/nurse while screaming at you for not doing it ( fast enough, his way, too soon, too late, take your pick ). Your life is too short for that crap. YOU MATTER! Get out now before it’s too late. If you need more courage, ask for Roz.

    • Nancy says:

      Well Roz, you said it all. Good for you. Yes, she needs to get out asap.
      I “got out” many yrs. ago and it’s just in the past yr. my ex and I have been able to be civil to each other. I’m doing it for our grandchildren now that they are getting older.
      Today I was speaking with my ex and he groans on and on about whatever and I told him I needed to hang up because I was doing something and he got annoyed and hung up on me….. I started to laugh and thought this is what my life would be like had I stayed. Leaving was the best thing I have ever done for myself.
      Let’s hope she will “see the light” and put on her “big girl pants” and move on before she becomes more of slave to him than she already is.

  2. Annee Borthwick says:

    After 29 years I plunged off the matrimony cliff to find out if life was truer all by myself. Yes, for me it was calmer, happier, poorer. When I divorced a few years later, I discovered my spouse had so little regard that he had no awareness of the fiscal dimensions of ending a marriage (i.e. division of property including future pension). If we continued, I would have controlled my small pension and smaller Social Security while he would continue to make all important decisions due to his sole control of his much larger pension, SS, and access to credit = an after-retirement financial dependency.

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