Looking toward 70 from age 50

Terri, Age 50

My perception of age 70 has always been that it’s a time for slowing down and quieting your life. Now I see that the picture you have in your mind at a younger age, about what a future age is like, is completely different when you get there yourself.

I think we differ from our parents’ generation. Previous 50 year olds ..and 70 year olds…didn’t exercise as we do. They would have just settled in as more sedentary “grandparents.” The mind-set nowadays is toward doing more of what’s good for you. My parents and their friends would just relax with cocktails in the evenings.

Differences in socio-economic status mattered too. Less educated women had fewer choices of work. Most were expected to stay home raising their children.

I am amazed and encouraged to see what women continue to become as they age.
I see now that 70 is not a shut-down period, but can be a time for continued growth and self-improvement.

Looking at 70 from 50 inspires me to restructure what I’ve done before, maybe start a new hobby. I can work now to assure that when I’m 70 I can continue to improve my life and still feel fulfilled.

I see in the active 70 year-old women I know that having the next thing to do matters. It’s important to have something to look forward to.

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