Learning and growing

Alice,  Age 75

I was 75 in april.  I have 2 married children and 6 grandkids ranging from 13 to 29.  Two of my my grandkids r married.  I taught art and ballet for 30 years for the NYC board of education in the south bronx.  It was a tough job but it prepared me for travel in many 3rd world countries.  When I retired I got a job as a tour guide and went all over the world for 2 years leading tours.  I got fired when my daughter had a baby and had post partum depression.  I asked for time off in high season and was told nobody gets time off in high season….if u leave it’s good by and good luck.  Of course I left and helped my daughter .

I have been divorced since 1970, but I live with a man since 1976. we r not married as i don’t believe in marriage for myself any more.  I have a home in south florida and a home in a ny suburb.  I take belly dance lessons and spend at least an hour a day walking my dog.  I try to travel when ever I can as a way of learning, and growing.  I hope to stay healthy enough to live a full exciting life…meeting new people, seeing new things, learning new languages, and connecting with my grandkids. this summer I plan to tour the Rhine river and amsterdam with my almost 16 year old grandgirl.  I hope she can keep up with me!!!!

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