Just turned 70

Joyce, Age 70

My name is Joyce Henderson; I’m an African-American retired school teacher in the Philadelphia area and I just turned 70 last week.  I found out about you guys from a book my son got me called “Things to Do When You Turn 70.”  I’ve been retired for 15 years and I started volunteering in places that I was interested in:  Coalition Against Hunger, Children’s Hospital, School library, ESL tutor.  I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.  My husband passed away almost 5 years ago and my years of activity along with my church activities helped to ease the pain and loneliness.  My husband always tried to surprise me with a party on my 50th birthday and my 60th birthday; but since he wasn’t here this year I planned my own 70th party and it was great!  I had a Motown theme; my sisters and I were the Supremes; my guests came dressed in 70’s attire and we danced in the Soul Train line.  I’ve been blessed with good health and I look forward to my next great event next year!  Each year is a blessing and I feel especially blessed to have family and friends around.  Three score and ten is starting out with a bang!  

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3 Responses to Just turned 70

  1. Fran says:

    Congratulations! Best post I’ve read in a long time! I wish you a long and interesting life!

  2. SusanWade says:

    What’s great post- full of positive fun and adventure. I, too, am a retired teacher and am enjoying every day of my new found freedom. I love waking up without an alarm, eating when I feel like it and not peeing “on a bell”. I loved my career in education but I also love making my own choices all day long. It’s amazing how 34yrs went by in a flash.
    Happy belated birthday to you – Supreme Girl!

  3. Kate says:

    This is a very inspirational story. It feels good to read about people that have such a determination to live a good life no matter their age.

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