Involved and challenged every day

Jennifer Townsend,  Age 77

I have worked hard my entire life, beginning as a child, selling my mother’s baked goods door-to-door after school to get money for groceries. I raised 4 children as a ‘single mom’ – only there was no such concept in those days. I began college when my kids were young and later finished law school. This is all a lead up to the present. And to explain why, when I say I am working harder now, at age 77, than I have ever worked in my life, you will understand the context of ‘work.’

Everything I have done prior to now was a piece of cake compared to making a feature documentary. I have never been to film school, so I am learning as I go. For the past 2 1/2 years I have been producing, directing, and helping to edit a film about “Thelma & Louise,” the 1991 iconic Hollywood classic. It’s a bit of a long story and those who wish to learn more are invited to view the trailer on my website and read about it there: .

After I retired about 15 years ago I helped care for my sister who died a few years later. I did varying kinds of volunteer work. And I traveled extensively on as low a budget as possible. I almost always traveled alone and stayed in hostels and homes of people I met along the way. I have lots of great stories about those experiences. My hope is that, the next time I travel will be later this year, to film festivals where my film will be showing. It’s not finished yet. Editing is done and we’re working on an original score. We still have color correction and sound mix to do.

When I discovered your blog today, through a friend’s email, I was inspired to share what keeps me so involved and challenged every day. And, yes, sometimes scared, too. So many decisions to make each day. Am I making the best ones? Am I really up to doing this? How did I ever convince myself to take on such a monumental project at my age? But I know, in the end, it will be so worthwhile and satisfying, I will forget about this uphill battle. Some days I say ‘it’s making me old before my time.’ But it IS my time and I’m already old.

Thank you for doing this blog.
Jennifer Townsend, Producer/Director
Far Beyond Film, LLC

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4 Responses to Involved and challenged every day

  1. Karen Gardner says:

    Good on you! (As the Aussies would say). At age 75 I decided to run for public office and wondered at the time, what in the world would make me do such a thing? What motivated me was the lack of integrity in so many politicians. So I won my election and am now in a position to at least try to counter all the self interest out there. My elected position is not particularly grand but it is local and I can make a difference. And isn’t that what motivates many of us? It IS our time!

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Karen, So nice to receive your response. I visited Australia about 10 years ago and had a wonderful time. Would love to go again and show my film there. Did you watch the trailer on my website? You can send me an email from the site. Would love to stay in touch. Us oldsters have to support each other.

  2. Chupacabras says:

    Narratives include the accounts of younger and older women, with a slant toward the stories of women approaching their 70th birthday or looking back on that benchmark. The literature review on positive aging and the listed resources are valuable for anyone intentional about constructing a positive experience of aging.

  3. Mary Greenwood says:

    Jennifer, so refreshing to read your success story, even if it was written a year and a half ago. I just found this site tonight. It is giving me inspiration to rethink what I could do with what’s left of my time here. I just don’t seem to be able to get a handle on where to start. The more I read on this forum, the more I realize what is possible. I think I’d resigned myself to a ‘this is it’ mind set. Hope your venture is a success. And thanks for the picker upper.

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