I miss my old house

Anonymous,  Age 70

Okay I wrote in this blog about living in an extremely rural Area in Montana and finally sold our home and land. Excited about change after 17 years of no friends and the loneliness over came me. I’ve been here since Sept of 2016. I’m turned 70. Medical issues surfaced not serious

We’ve come to the conclusion this house is very small. It needed at least $35,000 in upgrades. Realized the traffic is horrible in this small residential area. Still no friends, …oh they wave, say hello. The yard turned out to be a huge challenge $$$$$$. My location is in the center of the city. We’ve gone out to eat several times.

I miss my old house; it was finished, the yard was mature. And location was a bit quieter. I wished we could have moved our house in to closer land. Yes I know, reality showed me a big fat No.

I feel down, I feel letdown. My husband who is older does not like to go to many things going on in the area. Did I mention we have 3 older ranch dogs and 2 smaller dogs? Can’t leave the house for too long, maybe 3 hours…the last 2 months medical issues surfaced…a ganglion cyst on my right…hand surgery was more intense. Dr found it was wrapped around a tenden in my thumb and a joint in my thumb. It’s been 8 weeks of not being able to drive very far, clean my little house, no Quilting, no decorative painting. Lifting of a full glass of water is not on the list. Plus issues in my neck from an old injury.

All this does not change the issue of not feeling home. My husband built up a small garden for salads. Yah I can’t cut anything I’m right handed. I read and listen to my realaxing music from Pandora.

Well I’m signing off now. I’m so grateful for this blog. After reading some of the stories I know I ‘m not the only one going through difficult Emotional times. God Bless you.


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3 Responses to I miss my old house

  1. anonymous says:

    I hope time passes quickly for you in your recovery from surgery. It makes a tough time even harder. We live away from our kids and are turning 70 real soon. I always thought I needed to be closer to the kids and wanted to move, but my husband wasn’t so enthusiastic. Now the grandkids are getting old enough to be busy with their own stuff, and we are still away and not seeing much of them. Life changes, and it’s tough to know what we really want.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can understand the dilemma, right house, wrong location or the reverse. I have found once I retired, that there are interest groups here where I live that I never really knew about. As I work on deciding where I’ll move, I’ll check on those interest groups and see if they are in those locations. I also know that healing is a real energy drainer and so be easy on yourself while you are healing.

  3. Erika West says:

    I moved closer to my 3 children about 2 years ago. I have 4 adult children. Unless I and my husband make the effort I don’t see them. I feel that I have made a mistake of moving. I didn’t have too many friends in the previous city where we lived for 22 years but I did like it there. My husband and I are in our early to mid-seventies. He would love to travel and I dont. I am bored and feeling lonely in this very busy metropolitan city. I am contemplating of moving back. The grandchildren are growing and getting older. I feel like I’m a third wheel here. How do I decide.

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