There are so many situations that make us smile, and so many life stories that make us laugh out loud, that we thought we ought to add a humor page to our blog.

We welcome contributions about the world as seen from our point of view, and about ourselves, as others seem to see us.

This morning’s Bizarro cartoon in the local newspaper, for example, had one woman saying to another…”Facebook is for kids, I’m on FaceLiftBook” It made me chuckle.

Maybe this thread will cheer up some of our readers who are feeling blue. Maybe it will make us all LOL.

Here we go!

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3 Responses to HUMOR

  1. Diane PIerreuse says:

    After viewing at art show, my friends and I stopped at a nearby cafe for tea.
    I asked the young man behind the counter what kind of cookie choices there were. “Chocolate chip or Oatmeal and raisin.” I paused for a moment and asked for the oatmeal and raisin.
    “I knew that was your choice,” the guy said.
    “How did you know; I’ve never “been here before”
    “Well” he answered,”people in your ‘demographic’ usually buy the
    oatmean and raisin.”
    A little put out by his comment, I went to join my friends…..several of
    whom had also bought the oatmeal and raisin cookies. Ha.

  2. BlogMavens says:

    As my groceries moved along the black rubber conveyor belt, and the cashier scanned my items, she paused to glance at the birthday cards I had selected for my senior friends. She laughed at the first one. “Go on, read them all” I said. She chuckled as she finished. ” I turn 65 next week, she confided. My children said, they’re going to make me a cake that looks like a social security card.”

    We compared ages and then she told me the story of her dad. “He lived to 107, and died fishing under a favorite tree.” When her 104 year old mother heard the news of his death, she asked “Well, did he catch anything?” Her daughter asked her if she would have eaten what he caught. She said, “Sure,” she would.

    Good genes, good humor.

  3. Blog Mavens says:

    Terms of endearment

    Often I call my 7 year old granddaughter “Sweet Girl” and my husband “Hon”. I’m used to terms of endearment of a certain kind…but something is changing. Lately, people have caught me off guard.

    My handsome, gay, male masseuse, finished my last session with “OK, Cupcake!”
    And the receptionist at my doctor’s office closed a phone conversation with “OK, Sweet Girl!” Both left me perplexed, as I recoiled. What impression am I leaving, I wonder, with these very pleasant, well-intended adults? They certaily don’t mean to be patronizing.

    I still feel like my mature, intellectually intact self. Am I looking or sounding childlike? Are they so aware of my age that they are feeling kindly….nurturing….maybe relating to me with feelings they have for their own grandparents?

    I wonder…

    Is this happening to you?

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