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Anonymous, Age 66

I was shocked last year when I realized I was 65. This year the additional year was no big deal. My story is not so great. I chose poorly when I remarried. We are now separated and I’ve had to go through bankruptcy proceedings. I’m now on a very limited income for the next five years. I will be 71 at that time and I feel it’s too late for me to accomplish anything in the way of security for the time I have left. I have a part-time job and my social security, which will cover my basic expenses until I’m ready to die.

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  1. Barbara J says:

    This posting from anonymous made me sad. I have had many ups and downs in life, as have many of the postings on this blog show. But I will write about from age 60 when my husband died (brain tumor) up until now (age 72, pushing 73 hard).
    While he was alive we lived pretty high and handsome, busy in our little town. But, he did not pay off the mortgage (that refinancing bait he swallowed many times) and his good pension evaporated. I had to sell the house as quickly as possible. Rented a small house but, on my retirement, his social security and a small Navy retirement of his, I really couldn’t afford to do much of anything – a few movies and lunches out, but that was about it.
    Then, facing reality, I decided to downgrade significantly. Bought a 1988 manufactured home in a mobile home community with my IRA at a very good price, and now pay $275 a month for the land I live on. It took awhile for me to get over that “Egad I live in a cheap trailer park” feeling but now I have money for extras. I enjoy living out of town, with the woods and wonderful trails just a short distance away. I get along well with my neighbors. I have season tickets to the symphony, the Bolshoi ballet courtesy our towns’ theater owner who has them piped in from Moscow; love my mystery book club and collectables group
    I have many friends to enjoy these things with – of course by now pretty much all are widows. We enjoy good meetings, lunches, conversations. Life is good, despite all this age and loss stuff. I value my friends, my out – of – state family, my days, my memories.

    • Blog Mavens says:

      Barbara, your post makes me joyous. I felt with you when you said you had to get over that “Egad I live in a cheap trailer park” feeling–and you did!!! You are my new role model for resilience. The literature on positive aging most of all discusses the importance of social connections, and among so many other things you have that. Not to mention the Bolshoi Ballet! Thank you, thank you. Ellen

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