Do you know the signs of stroke?

Dixie, Age 73

May is National Stroke month. DO YOU KNOW THE SIGNS OF STROKE?

I didn’t the first time around, 2012, and put off going to the hospital beyond the time limit for receiving the “clot buster”.

Last Saturday, April 29, 2017, I had another stroke event. 911 came to the rescue.

“FAST” is the memory tool for stroke warnings. Please check out my current post on, “Do you know the signs of stroke.” This post contains all the actions needed to save brain cells and tells my story of what can happen if you don’t react fast enough and what can be possible if you do.

After spending last Saturday night in the hospital, with countless tests, I’m determined to share the information with others. Stroke can strike at any age. Speed equals brain health.

Please share this information with your friends and family. I love my life at 73, my friends, my husband, the countless possibilities for the future. I just want to do my part to ensure that future.

Cherish each day and put the FAST reminder on your refrigerator. Life is good.

Dixie at

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