Frances,  Age 78

Dear Ellen and Jane,

I discovered your 70 Candles blog only days ago and am happily working my way through all the postings, starting with December 2010.

My own 70 Candles event was eight years ago, when other factors were starting to change my life, apart from the big seven-o. Now, after devoting several years to caring for my late beloved husband, and having made it through the first couple of years of widowhood, I have been feeling utterly discombobulated to find myself at 78, wondering how I got here. I seem to be missing a few years, which gives a sense of urgency about making the most of what remains. So it’s a delight to find your blog with input from other women. Thank you for creating it!

All the best to you both!


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3 Responses to Discombobulated

  1. betty mertens says:

    I am 72 and healthy. I have a loving, wonderful husband, lovely home, 5 dogs, 3 cats and a great daughter 45. I am sorry that she did not have grandchildren as that, of course, can be a void at this point in life…but I adore our times together. I long for work that I used to do, and yet can’t seem to get into a place with enjoyable busy work. Volunteer work does not seem to be stimulating enough for me, so I am at home a lot. I’ve had difficulty making friends without work or school and keep trying to remedy that with art classes and some volunteer efforts. I don’t mean to complain, but I really miss the friendships of my work life as an executive. Otherwise, what more could I ask for than what I have and yet…

  2. Carmen says:

    I have always lived a healthy life and been busy and positive. Now I am 75 and am having a really hard time accepting that I am going to be a dried up shell of the woman I was not too long ago. The difference between 70 and 75 is huge. I have informed my family that I have the right to end my life when I decide. I have decided that the day someone suggests a diaper could be it or a suggestion of leaving my home. I am not in the least bit afraid of dying but I absolutely cannot stand the thought of indignity or suffering. Anyone out there agree with me?

    • Margaret says:

      I am 72 and in good health. I find it scary when you say there is a huge difference between 70 and 75. What can I expect to happen?
      I thoroughly agree with you in wanting to be in control of my own death. We, in Canada, are working on correcting our Bill giving access to assisted suicide so that we can put advance decisions into our Power of Attornies for health.
      You’re so right! The first mention of leaving my home and I’m out of here!

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