Boston gathering – do you live near here?

Mary, Turning 71

I’m Mary Hirsch of Boston, (turning a youthful 71 tomorrow) with an UPDATE for the pending FIRST 71Candles get together as soon as our HOT/HUMID “peasant weather,” as my tiny, aristocratic French grandma called it) passes. I share her view on the nastiness of heat/humidity, sans judgment on the “peasant” business. Grannie was an aristocrat, bless her little heart. I moved to Boston from Santa Monica eight years ago not only because Boston was on my bucket list (and I love crossing out stuff on my list) but because I absolutely LOVE snow, cold abd rain: the more the merrier, so “let it rip, dear Lord!” My body loves it.

So here’s the scoop: In the last couple of months, I’ve heard from a few women in the surrounding area of Boston and they all sound wonderful. One, in particular, sounds like a kindred spirit: retired from a professional she loved, exercise lover, POSITIVE, active, engaged in life and a woman with a purpose besides being a grandma, baking cookies, obsessed with ailments and feeling sorry for herself because she’s “aging.” WE ALL ARE! Please do NOT misunderstand and sense any judgment on women who opt for what I described (do your thing; it’s YOUR life!) it’s just that some of us (minority, probably) opt for other choices and it’s ALL good; all good. I just hope that as we move along in Boston, we might be able to put a group of women with COMMON interests beside “aging.” I just want to be perfectly clear of where I, personally am coming from.

Tomorrow I’ll be 71 – and rocking it. No biggie. Like most of us, I have my health challenges which I call “hobbies,” but REFUSE to dwell on. Suffice it say I’ve had my share and am presently being “challenged” with a particular one but I’ll be the first NOT to bore you; I’ll save that for my doctors – they get PAID to listen! Instead, I’m doing ALL I can to jump this hurdle and most excited about my MAIN present to myself: treat myself ALL AUGUST with gifts to myself: (I’ve already hit Tiffany’s, a trip to La Jolla, CA, and can’t wait to get the snazziest pair of RUNNING SHOES and the best sports bra! I’ve already hit the hairdresser to trim my pageboy, had my mani/pedi. The spoiling continues! And I don’t wait for my birthday to spoil this Princess, as I do it all year long. I just crank it up a few NOTCHES during August!

So sisters, IF your thinking veers in my direction, we’ll have a great time. Life, as we all know, is life: unpredictable, challenging – and not for “sissies.” We are ALL given our challenges and we have CHOICES to make: give in, surrender, feel sorry for ourselves or like warriors, MARCH ON! I CHOOSE to be a warrior and sometimes think of life as a bowling lane, knocking off one pin (challenge) at a time, jumping up and down when I get a strike. And with that attitude, you can be sure, I manage to get a few.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes: “I may not be able to control the wind, but I surely can control my sails! IT’S ALL ABOUT ATTITUDE – AND GRATITUDE!

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3 Responses to Boston gathering – do you live near here?

  1. Carolyn says:

    Dear Mary,
    I just turned 71 on July 20th. And am considering what to do next!
    I think it will be to draw up a ‘Bucket List’ then go from there. Actually, the first item on that list would be to find a boyfriend. And from an experience I had today my available pool of available men just got much larger! I met an 89 yo lady whose significant other is 61 ! And they’ve been together 49 years and still going strong! I love Boston and would love to meet with you all. Let us know where and when please! Love, Carolyn

  2. mary hirsch says:

    Hi Carolyn!
    Great to hear from you and Happy belated B-day with beaucoup more to come!! Start out that “Bucket List,” and MAKE IT HAPPEN. If it’s a boyfriend you want, go for it!: sit down with a pen and paper. Describe your “ideal” man in DETAIL (it’s a Wish list, remember? YOUR wish list!) and, like kids at Christmas time with their list for Santa, knock yourself out! Tall? skinny? fat? bald? handsome? rich? poor? educated? cultured? thoughtful? kind? strong? HEALTHY? young? old/older? Write it All down and the next day add some more. When you finish, keep it where you can read it every day (rising, going to sleep?) and BELIEVE. Then write me and tell me all about your guy.

    I did this 40 years ago and married my prince: description to a “T.” Exactly and even more than what I asked – and EXPECTED to get. Being a CA girl, I knew my own worth so I expected a wealthy man, for sure, along with all the other stuff. Got it – and then, some. Why not? He surely lucked out with ME for a wife so we made quite a pair. ALL BECAUSE I BELIEVED AND RECEIVED! Your turn!!!

  3. gail Deegan says:

    Carolyn and Mary,

    I turned 70 in August and would love to share the experience and future ones with a Boston 70 Candles Group. I live in Newtonville.


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