A baby boomer’s guide

Dixie, Almost 73

In the words of Dr.Seuss, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

January 5, 2017, I’ll celebrate my 73rd birthday. I’ve always been very up front with my age and more than a little surprised about it myself. Frankly, I’m surrounded by men and women, in my “active adult community of 55+,” who are celebrating life, friends and activities with gusto. That’s why we live here. The “community aspect” keeps us validated and accountable.

Believe me, we all have out share of “bumps” in life; strokes, diseases, joint replacements, personal tragedies, heart issues, loss of loved ones but the prevailing theme is to live life to the fullest and to age positively.

Having said that, Pam, my best friend of 40+ years, and I are writing a guide for those who are retired, contemplating retirement or are semi-retired, “A Baby Boomer’s Non-Financial Guide to Retirement…50 Tips for Freedom.”

Additionally, we ramped up our learning curve and started a blog, richlyaged.com, to address some of the issues we’ve discovered that stand in the way of aging positively.

Books like your 70Candles! and blogs like this one provide a valuable resource to the millions of retirees that will join us in the coming years. It’s been said that most people plan their two-week vacations better than they plan the non-financial part of retirement. Your book and your blog have served as a catalyst for our current endeavors. Keep up the great work!

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  1. Jan says:

    Your commitment to living life to the fullest and aging positively is such a great message for anyone in the 70’s age bracket. Upon reflection, the most important things for continuing to have a productive life are finding a purpose for each day and keeping close the bonds of friendship and family. It is so important to have people in our lives for both emotional support during times of great loss and for continuing personal growth.

    Celebrating 71 for me is a time to reflect on what good things remain ahead, not just what is in the past, but what can still be accomplished while good health still remains.

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