70Candles! in new Move On e-magazine

We, Jane and Ellen, have been profiled, along with our blog, 70candles.com in the current issue of the new online magazine, Move On. The magazine is focused on women over 60 who are facing life changes and challenges.
Check it out through this link, share with your friends, and let us know what you think.


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2 Responses to 70Candles! in new Move On e-magazine

  1. Emily says:

    Well you’ve really started something! But sixty is so young. What impresses me is that it was NINE years ago that you started 70Candles!. I started my eightieth year a few days ago, and, frankly I’m not impressed. On the day itself, after a celebratory lunch, I mowed my half acre lawn here in Walton since it was the first dry and not super-heated evening in a while. I started the first full day of this year by going to the local laundry and watching my wash go around. My main thought for the day was, “start as you intend to go on”.
    I remember our initial get-together in NY that was so encouraging and impressive. I was impressive too! Amazing.
    In the fall, ten of the remaining seventeen of my college nursing class will have its 57th yearly reunion on a cruise ship going from NYC up the coast to Canada. We decided at last year’s reunion in storm-savaged NC, to have a “be pampered” blow-out for our eightieth birthdays, but, then reality took over, and we thought it would be rash to wait. Nurses are nothing, if not realists.
    Thank you for the 70Candles! work you’ve done. So impressive. I hope you’re having a good summer and that all your loved ones are well.

  2. Evelyn says:

    This is a great feature article and profile! In addition to all your other stellar qualities, you are both quite photogenic! I think you need to invent a sequel for the 80’s – keep me posted!!
    Congratulations on all you do!!

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