70 things to do before I turn 70

Peggy, Age 69

I decided December 1, 2012 that I wanted to do 70 things I had never done before I turned 70!!!!!!!!!!!! So to that end I have been recording all of my accomplishments. (I am counting this OK?)

I will be married 50 years September 14, 2013 (If we stay together another 5 months LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I have 3 daughters, 3 son-in-laws, and 8 grandchildren I am very blest!!!

I sadly lost my Mom Feb. 8,2012—-I was her daughter, power of attorney, driver, grocery getter, mail reader, and whatever else she needed as she was totally blind the last 21 years that she lived!!!

My Mom was an amazing person, she played the guitar and sang, wrote songs, and wrote three books after she was blind.

I have also had the privilege of counting one of my best friends as a “sister” who turned 70 March 18, 2013!!! She and I started a card club when we were 18 and it is still going strong today!!! The card club boasts 9 members and 4 of them are our daughters!!!!! Our card club crew are BFF’s.

We would do anything for each other and what a wonderful comraderie!!!

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  1. Ellen says:

    I enjoyed your lively post and appreciate your strong connections to friends and family. I’ve written elsewhere about getting a third graduate degree (I like school) at the age of 70 and making sure my thesis was exactly 70 pages long. Challenges like that may not be important to the world-at-large, but it sure was fun for me! I love your idea of doing 70 new things, recording them, and of course counting this post among them!!!

  2. Riverwatch says:

    I love how you are facing 70. Thanks for sharing. I am also 69 and just seeing somebody else with that number was for some strange reason reassuring. I made a goal to read 52 books this year, a sudden goal not well thought out. Later I wondered if that goal was the first little sign of dementia!! I would love to know what 70 things are on your list.
    Good luck.

  3. BlogMavens says:


    Sounds like you have an interesting new adventures ahead! We’re glad you included 70Candles as one of them.We’d love to hear about more of your pre-70 accomplishments. These are the kind of challenges that keep life interesting. Your list will surely inspire others.

    Jane and Ellen

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