Attitudes about aging

Here’s a new article from the Washington Post about the effects of our attitudes about aging.

Let us know what you think about this.
Jane and Ellen

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4 Responses to Attitudes about aging

  1. Diana says:

    I know exactly how old I am. But, nevertheless, I don’t see myself correctly in relation to others. Imagine my chagrin when I realized that the ‘old guy’ in my Yoga class was actually younger than I. Or that the older woman I’m chatting with in line is younger too.

    I do sometimes look at older people in public places and wonder if they are truly older than I or have just had harder lives.

    I enjoyed the company of older people when I was young and now I enjoy contact with younger people. But I never kid myself – life wasn’t always easy at eighteen and it isn’t now. It remains a challenge.

  2. Mary Lou says:

    I like the whole movement toward ‘active aging’. This is key to a lot of prevention of the negative aspects of aging. Lately, at 76, I’m feeling more ‘ageless’ because I’m liking my life so much and the things I’m involved in. When I think of 80 only being four years away, I’m amazed. How can I feel so great! We’ve got to get away from what society thinks of us and just live! Some will join us as they age and others will just live up to expectations. 🙂

  3. Gail says:

    thanks, great article
    Gail Roberts

  4. Susan Pohl says:

    I was rewatching the first episode of the first season of This is Us with visiting friends who hadn’t seen the show. There is a scene where an older doctor has to break some bad news about the death of a baby. He says he is 72 and an old man. I was shocked when I realized that I was 72 as well, but I never think of myself as an old woman, unless I’m joking. I decided that I think of myself as being 58. Why that number I don’t know but there it is. I am not sure of consequences of this mental map but I am aware that I have it. I certainly don’t feel that age that I used to conjure up when I thought of someone who was 72.

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