Are you an elder orphan?

There are those 55 and older, alone, without mates or adult children. Carol Marak, an elder advocate has dubbed them “elder orphans.” She has created the Elder Orphan Facebook group ( as a meeting place and support group for these seniors. The site, just a year old, already has more than 4000 members!

Marak also edits which offers a wealth of very helpful information about resources for older people in every state.

In the informative Senior Living section of The Dallas Morning News on March 14, 2017 where this is described, we learn that one resource, the movement for shared housing among older women, is growing across the country. This offers new options to elder orphans and others, where expenses can be shared, relationships can expand, and a new life chapter can begin.

On our blog, we hear from many women who feel alone. They wonder where they will live next, they tell of problems keeping up their home, and with finding transportation. Some are lonely and feel disconnected from the communities that surround them. Some feel depressed.

Here are some of the web sites that offer matching services for those seeking roommates and those offering to share room in their homes: (Dallas)
Affordable Living for the Aging (Los Angeles)

Here is the link to Marak’s informative Aging Insider newsletter:

If you know of other shared housing programs where you live, please spread the word by sharing that information here. This is an idea whose time has come!

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5 Responses to Are you an elder orphan?

  1. Carol Marak says:

    Thank you for writing about the Elder Orphan Facebook group. We have serious conversations about aging alone and we have fun too. Happy to know you see the need to build awareness!! My best to you!

  2. Wesley says:

    Boise at Home – – is a grassroots 501(c)3 nonprofit launched in 2015 to provide the services, activities and programs for seniors who are members to live safely, confidently and independently in their homes and enjoy the neighborhoods they love

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