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Moving to Billings

Anonymous, age 69 I found 70candles over a year ago.  I was on the verge of moving from a rural area in Montana to the city of Billings.  It took 3 1/2 yrs to sell my beautiful house inside and … Continue reading

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Seeking connections

Susan,  Age 69 I would just like to connect with someone who was born that long ago. Sometimes I feel I am a bit too outrageous for my age, i dont conform to what people expect, but my boys love … Continue reading

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Flying solo

Joy,  Age 70 I’m about to turn 70 in approximately five hours. I’ve been sitting here at the computer, drinking white wine, crying for my sister – a young 74 – who passed in June 2015. I can’t believe that … Continue reading

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Hip replacement for my 94-year-old dad

Regine,  Age 68 Hello, I posted some time ago about aging, and mentioned my blog serimuse.blogspot.ca. I’ve posted a recent experience there for November about going through my 94 year old father’s hip replacement surgery. I thought I’d share this … Continue reading

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Sephardic cooking

Rachel, Age 71 I retired from teaching at age 60 to spend a month with my daughter in LA as she was having her first child, my second grandchild. I continued to substitute teach and take orders for my ethnic … Continue reading

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The Spirit of ’76

My birthday weekend is here. Having a July 3rd birthday means I can always count the 4th of July fireworks as “mine.” From the beautiful explosions around the lake at summer camp of my childhood, to the extraordinary illuminations nearby … Continue reading

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My passage as a grandmother

Pat,  Age 71 I’d like to share my latest blog post on my passage as a grandmother, relishing in the joys and learning from the challenges: http://wowblog.me/the-education-of-a-grandmother

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Navigating the years ahead

Anonymous,  Age 69   Dear 70 Candles How inspiring to find a location to “hobnob” with my fellow wizards. I recently turned 69. I am looking at a number of large changes in my life and navigating the years ahead … Continue reading

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Who will I become as I age?

Regine,  Age 68 When my mother was in her mid-seventies she became very demanding and complained a lot – about the things she could no longer do (she had arthritis), about my father’s faults, things others didn’t do right. I … Continue reading

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Birthday parties

Janie,  Age 70 My birthday was Feb. 2nd. I wanted a surprise party! Alas, my husband is not a party person and even though I kept saying “all I want for my birthday is a surprise party,” it wasn’t to … Continue reading

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