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Gloria, Age 75

Hi Everyone,

So glad there is actually a placed for women over 70 on the net. I thought they gave up on us at 60. I am 75 and still going strong. Five years ago I started a new career when I retired and launched a new website and foundation called “Open to Hope” with the mission of helping people find hope after loss. We now have over half a million people visiting the site.

I play golf 4 days a week and do my own yoga practice daily. I seldom drink and go for walks whenever I can. I have friends who can’t get off the floor. I want to say to all of the women that it is never to late to start moving again. Either move it or lose it.

I have had plenty of challenges as you will see if you visit my site. My 17 year old son was killed in an automobile accident with his cousin 32 years ago. Of course my parents are dead and my brother and sister died in the past 3 years. I think the important thing is to put yourself out there and make a new friend a week. You can do it. Go to the senior center. Don’t tell me you can’t hear. There will be lots of people there that can’t hear. Reading lips and using a black board is great!

If you are a writer come and write for my site and I will give you a profile page and print your articles. Let’s go girls. Life is amazing. Please visit me at and congradulations to all that are visiting this site. We can use technology!!!!

Thanks for this site.

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  1. Namrata says:

    Hi Gloria, How are you .

    Let me introduce myself , I am Namrata from India , I read what you wrote here and so admire your spirit . I have just started working for a company with an amazing concept , we are building a community of senior bloggers who can share their experiences to better others lives across borders and expanses of water.

    Do you think , you can be our guest blogger ? Please let me know whenever you can .


  2. Carolyn says:

    I’m 69 and I think still going strong. Have some low blood sugar issues at times but eating often and right pretty much takes care of it.

    My parents are deceased, had no brothers and sisters, have a challenged DD that is 44 and lives with us. My husband still works overseas, I would be working if not caregiving.

    I don’t think I’m old, I see people younger then me in horrible shape to be honest most from being inactive and obese. I just lost 26 pounds, didn’t realize my weight was out of hand, I have 10 pounds to go to be within my normal range per BMI charts. Since I suffer from very flat feet which causes problems I decided its just time to get and keep the weight off. This is good, making me feel good about myself again.

    I’m fortunate, normal blood pressure, just some thyroid meds and premarin, my stay young pill!
    I’m telling you gals this because you can do this stuff too.

    I take care of a 4 acre lawn, getting ready to do more landscaping, plant a big vegetable garden and can, freeze, and process the veggies.

    Working on a rent house we bought, stripping and redoing windows in a 100 year old house. Do that lawn too.

    Have a motorhome and DD and I got all over in it. I don’t drive it at night though. It’s 40 foot and tow a car, we just spent 5 weeks in Texas and 3 in Florida, visiting the sites. My husband bought me a boat so I’m getting ready
    to go fishing again, the guys just look at me launching it and DD and I out fishing, they think I’m crazy I guess, sometimes I take the dog instead!!

    Take care of yourselves, eat right, get exercise. Sometimes I dread getting old but others its ok. You know I don’t have to dye my hair yet but I have to DD’s because she has so much grey. I just heard today our wonderful dentist died
    at age 56, most of the people we knew and were going to enjoy old age with are deceased. Enjoy each and everyday you have, treat yourself well when you do relax. Don’t smoke and if you drink do it in moderation. I have never used any and would advise you not to use illegal drugs.

    Take care of yourself and I think you can enjoy a long, wonderful life. I am!!
    Hope I can keep from getting old. Just remember at any age, you can be as happy as you want to be. Take care all!

  3. Sandra Pieterse says:

    You are a blessed lady indeed! I wish you were living in South Africa, then I could have met you! I’m a retired teacher, healthy and fit; however, a tiny bit ‘bored’. Any suggestions? Take care and enjoy the fishing!

  4. Rose James says:

    I too am a retired teacher and have never use that word” bored”. As a teacher, you remember how it may have bothered you when a student would say those words. How could anyone not be interested in learning something new at every opportunity? I continue to learn something new every day and not from the television. At the age of 73, I continue to read at least two books a week, along with the daily newspaper. Making new friends and trying new activities or volunteering at sites have opened my mind to new interests that at 60 I never would have tried. Please be happy that you were able to impart education to the future and never let go of that quest for knowledge. Having your health is so wonderful, so keep looking and you find new adventures.

  5. Carmen says:

    Well I thought I would have active 70s but instead in the last year at 75 roscea prevents me from being in the sun even with sunscreen, my knees are bad so doc says to stick to walking, swimming (hate it) or bicycling (although with little pressure). Arthritis in my thumbs prevents gardening, knitting painting, etc. can barely open things. My eyelashes and hair are thinning and I wear my hair behind my ears. Yesterday I was told I need 2 hearing aids so if I get depressed right now I can’t even process it.. now will need to wear unflattering hairstyle.
    All of this makes me realize how soon ugly choices could be looming. My healthy, active, young doctor told me that I should try to age gracefully. Oh puhleeze, we all know what that means –don’t whine, and I don’t because I don’t even want to talk about this stuff nor listen to the many others my age that do.
    Ok now that I’ve vented my question is: is there a realistic web site that warns what is ahead. I was so unprepared for such a downhill slide in approximately one year. Thank you.

    • Blog Mavens says:

      Let me write on behalf of hearing aids! It seems you see them as the “last straw,” but actually there’s much about them that’s positive. I speak from experience.
      First, you can wear your hair however you like. The new aids are hardly visible. Once you have them and talk about them, you’ll discover how many others need them, think they should get them, or already wear them.
      They allow you to hear things you haven’t noticed you’ve been missing: bird song, raindrops, violins and piccolos, the voices of small children…people trying to speak to you from behind.
      The downside? They take some getting used to. You may be distracted by background sounds you’re not used to noticing. Your brain will learn to screen them out in time.

      We are fortunate to be needing hearing aids in this era of advanced technology, tiny digital processors, multiple channel aids.

      Find a recommended audiologist, and go forth bravely to check out your options.
      Good luck,

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