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My story…my story

Dot, Age 70.5 My story, what is my story and where do I begin my story. At birth, teenage years, when I was married, the birth of my two children, my divorce, and now here I am 70 and … Continue reading

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Seeking new passions

Star, 69 and 6 months I recently stumbled upon your blog while surfing the Internet and am glad I found 70 candles, as I will be turning 70 in six months. I have been thinking how I want to celebrate … Continue reading

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Celebrating and exploring life at seventy

Diana, Almost 70 Seventy Yesterday an acquaintance from our little “Science of Mind” congregation was newly limping around with a cane. In obvious pain, he made a shocking declaration that shouldn’t have come from the lips of a long-time Positive … Continue reading

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Tough times

Irene, Age 70 This September I will be 70, a fearsome age that somehow I never seriously considered. Compared to many women of my age, I am doing well…I am married, my second husband is a good companion, I am … Continue reading

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Down in the dumps

Sherry, Age 69 I am quickly looking at age 70 and I am having a difficult time of it. I know it is just a number…or so I tell myself….but the truth is I feel like it is my first … Continue reading

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Times Beacon 70candles article

Here’s a wonderful article about 70candles by Leah Dunaief, publisher of the Times Beacon Newspapers on the North Shore of Long Island. Read it below, or at Then click on the publisher’s picture on the left side of the … Continue reading

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