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My passage as a grandmother

Pat,  Age 71 I’d like to share my latest blog post on my passage as a grandmother, relishing in the joys and learning from the challenges:

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Frances,  Age 78 Dear Ellen and Jane, I discovered your 70 Candles blog only days ago and am happily working my way through all the postings, starting with December 2010. My own 70 Candles event was eight years ago, when … Continue reading

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Is it too late for me to start a business?

Sandra,  Age 70 I turned 70 in January. I had never been concerned with age but all of a sudden I felt almost desperate. I am running out of time. Five years ago my husband died after having been ill … Continue reading

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80 is the new 80

Lois Cronholm,  Age 85 80 is the new 80. While anyone reading this title is likely to know why I am writing this tome, I ask your indulgence to read on. There are some half dozen expressions that either bore … Continue reading

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Who will I become as I age?

Regine,  Age 68 When my mother was in her mid-seventies she became very demanding and complained a lot – about the things she could no longer do (she had arthritis), about my father’s faults, things others didn’t do right. I … Continue reading

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