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Let the Clock Run Wild

Judy, Age 74 Judy Scher and Julie Coburn compiled and edited a book entitled LET THE CLOCK RUN WILD: Wit and Wisdom from Boomers and Bobbysoxers. Released this May 2014. Here is the opening to a story as well as … Continue reading

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Helpful or overbearing?

Lia, 70something A gentleman or an old codger? An incident, which occured earlier today, has made made me ponder over the issue of what constitutes helpful versus overbearing male behaviour. I was part of a small group of seniour men … Continue reading

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70 Things to Do When You Turn 70- A new book!

We, Jane and Ellen, have an entry in this recently released book, edited by Mark Evan Chimsky. Our chapter, called “Gather Together!” describes the powerful energy and warmth we felt among the women in our many conversation groups. The 70 … Continue reading

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71 The second time around

Amy Bryant, Age 71+ According to the calendar, my 72nd birthday is coming up; and calendars don’t lie. Neither do I as a rule, but this year I’ll be making an exception and I will tell the big lie. The … Continue reading

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Getting our second wind

Phyllis, Age 70 On Ellen Degeneres’ anniversary of her 1500 shows, I heard her say this, “I wear Cover Girl make up because it makes me feel younger and more beautiful.” I barfed and protested that sexism and ageism on … Continue reading

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Eileen, Age 70 HE NOTICED Just as I was going through menopause, at age 51, my hair seriously started to change color, from dark brown to a certain shade of grey particularly on the top of my head. I was … Continue reading

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Pam, Age 72 I recall the moment when I realized that I had passed some “age” bar in the minds of others. I was in the hospital having carpal tunnel surgery because I could no longer swim or bike comfortably. … Continue reading

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