69 and Wondering

Anonymous, Age 69

I am 69 years old and will be 70 in March, 2014.

Most women my age have careers, family and grandchildren. I have none of these.

I am a widow without children, grandchildren, and I haven’t a career.

So it has been hard to define meaning and purpose.

I do have siblings and I have a great niece age 6 and a great nephew 4, who I do baby sit, when needed.

I keep my self busy with taking care of my home, my car, growing flowers, and staying in contact with my siblings, sharing family get togethers, and going to my church.

I am wondering what women in my statis are doing and how do they feel at this time in their life.

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2 Responses to 69 and Wondering

  1. Blog Mavens says:

    As you can see by reading posts and comments here At 70candles, women our age are trying all sorts of things. Of primary importance is healthful living with adequate exercise. Next, engaging with others in activities that are of interest, keeps many involved and stimulated. Many kinds if groups are offered at churches, community centers, senior centers and in neighborhoods. Participation in charitable causes is another option. Helping others brings satisfaction to many.

    Tell us what appeals to you.

    Jane and Ellen

  2. Geraldine says:

    I’m not quite half through age 70; just the number threw me into shock for a while. I’m over that, and with all that age has offered me, cons and pros included, I still feel as i did when i was 20 and facing all of life’s possibilities. Don’t let the number stand in your way. Burn a path that creates and live for the love you have in your heart today.

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